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Distributed Tweet Search Server

A Loklak Search Server has a message analyzer Loklak Mass Tweet Analyzer 

Collect, dump and index tweet search results.

Anonymous search API. No user accounts, no authorization.

Peer-to-peer message routing and tweet dump sharing.

A Search Portal?

No, this is a back-end search- and storage-infrastructure for microblog-messages. Make your own search portal! loklak scrapes tweets from twitter html pages (more message sources to come). We+You collect and share tweets with a peer-to-peer network.

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API Example?

Easy, call /api/search.json?q=<search-term> for official Twitter API-like results or /api/search.rss?q=<search-term> for opensearch/rss results. You don't need a twitter account or an OAuth key.

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Open Source

This is LGPLed, free software using Jetty and Elasticsearch. Kibana can easily be added.

Clone the Git Repo:

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